Semester and Master projects

Current Master projects (Summer 2019)

Developing a flexible, research hardware and software testbed to facilitate systematic research on designing vibrotactile stimuli, Ferraroli Nathanaël

Development and improvement of hybrid walking assistive strategies for a lower limb exoskeleton, Albert Fabrias

Mise en œuvre de stratégies de rééducation robotiques pour les membres inférieurs, applications aux patients atteints d’AVC, Wankyung Lee

Current Semester projects (Summer 2019)

Integration of VR with 6-DOFs robotic platform, Jean Pierre Allamaa

Captur, from a passive lower limb exoskeleton to characterization of gait, Xavier Uhl

Development of a parallel kinematic toolkit, Marco Belfanti

Development of a haptic device for cardio-vascular surgery, Sarah Bonaly